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CHINESE DIGITAL. With the emergence of  Chinese Phones (china phones), we thought it prudent to offer a website forum with information regarding the cheapest and best Chinese Android phones. We offer a database of reviews, support, the latest news and releases and a forum for this ever expanding mobile phone market . China’s impact on the telecommunications industry can not be ignored.

With extremely competitive prices, technology and styling, matching that of  the big brands namely:  Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, HTC , the Chinese are now a serious market competitor. The quality, styling and technology of their mobile phones are steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with.

There are still the inevitable turkey’s, as in any emerging market. We aim to filter these out and point website visitors to the best Chinese brands. We are not here solely to promote or sell individual phones regardless of quality, we are here to promote Chinese Brands based on accurate information and highlight their similarities with the market leaders.